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Every weapon type does different damage: some can blunt, some piece and some slash damage.
Swords are good for slashing and piecing damage, daggers do piecing damage and have a great speed, whereas maces do blunt damage.
Every weapon class comes with a stat variety so that the damage types are never exclusive to one weapon class.
Some daggers and knuckles can deal multiple damage with a single attack.

Different types of range damage

File 07747329e433bb54c36ce948dbbbd516.pngWhen you are armed with swords or File e2f1a4b309c0c495f3f6d011fd923313.pngdaggers you can only damage monsters File 4af592af052bb85a1928bce58ee777d6.pngfrom the tyle in front of you. Most axes, however, can deal damage to the front tile and both the right and the left tiles too, in the same time.
Polearms have a reach of two tiles and can do damage at a greater distance.

Using range

Using range is very easy, once you arm your gun you are automatically targeting the closest foe, but you can always adjust in any direction you want. Range magic works in a similar way.
Gun types: We have shotguns, rifles and handguns.


Ammo are also found in various types, depending of the gun and have different applications. Gunshots gave a great spray radius, rifles have a much bigger range damage, whereas hand guns have a lower range, but they support multi-shots.

Aged Estoc
Broad Steel Saber
Burnished Cutlass
Cheap Chisa Katana
Iron Tooth
Royal Estoc

Flat Iron Dagger
Gold Blade
Hunters Blade
Kukri Machete
Wolf Claw

Auto Blowback
Hot Shot
Level Repeater
Master Blaster
Sawed Off Double Shotgun

Brass Pollaxe
Dumbo Axe
Edgy Double Axe
Forest Handaxe
Ol Nasty Boy
Steel Bush Hog

Iron Guisarm

Blacksmith Hammer
Iron War Hammer

4 Fingers O Death
Sawtooth Swing
Sucker Punch
Tooth Crackers

Craftsman Hammer
Ol Faithful Frying Pan
Ol Brass Pan
Ol Brass Skillet
Steel Pipe

Bird Shotgun Cartridge
Steel Plated Rifle Round
Heartwood Handgun Ammo

Spike Bomb
Skull Bomb


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