Dragon Fin Soup

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Grimm Bros

Randis Albion

File f7e507d941ed318b0b2c037688ae8169.gifLeading the production Team and is in charge of the Game Design and Art Direction, doing all the Graphics, Concepts, SFX and something something.

Been around the block with almost 18 years industry exp, has 7 cats, is the official Final Fantasy Superfan, video game collector and loves reading Sci-Fi novels and anime/manga.

Pongkasem Natprasert (Sem)

File 5b368fcc5114acdc0c7f40c6730b8c2f.gifBeing an avid gamer since early childhood Sem always knew what he wanted to become a game developer.

With decades of production experience he still is madly in love with games, especially tactics and strategy RPG titles such as the Ogre Saga and FF Tactics. Sem is doing a lot of work on the Dungeon Generation and all kinds of game features.

Kritaya Kridakorn Na Ayuthaya (Nick)

File 7b1e63fb4a59fb422e31caf3e619ecb9.gif His first encounter with video games as a kid was a love on first sight.

Nick loves playing all kinds of games, preferably tactics RPGs, he also loves cats and spends the rest of his free time with Reading, talking long walks, watching Drama and sleeping. Nick is working on the UI, the AI and controls of the game.

Mark Wimmer

File c7d13443f53aaa302d64bbc951f38a2d.gif Mark has been coding and designing games since about 1990 or so, beginning on an Apple IIe computer.

Many of his favorite games are from the SNES era, including titles such as Space Megaforce (Super Aleste in Japan), ActRaiser (one of the best game soundtracks of all time), Zelda 3-A Link To The Past, Street Fighter 2, Contra III, TMNT IV, Bomberman, Mario Kart... the list could go on and on. Mark is in charge of the graphics, engine, and mission scripting.

Aaron Weingarten

File 19d4e0953a1a9767b00dfb7b17735fc8.gifAaron has been bouncing around the industry for a couple of years doing games from mobile to console before joining Grimm Bros.

His favorite game is Batman Arkham City for its perfect blend of comics and games. Aaron is supporting development every way possible whether its coding, level design, or QA.

Ashley Monif (Ash)

File 82d15b48cbbaf377df27cb5c00121d24.gif Ash fights for Grimm Bros doing extreme bare knuckle Biz Dev, Ops, PR and Production among many other things.

Ash grew up playing games already before he even learned to walk and had his hands in the Game Industry for over 15 years working for companies like EA, Atari, Subatomic and Human Head in leading positions. He has a cute little dog named Mr. Roo and savors slowly taking his time to play-through the latest Zelda game as a reward for hard work.


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