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Hello there, fellow adventurers! We introduce you to Dragon Fin Soup, a game where you explore the intriguing world of Asura! Fight, loot, and craft in this amazing new game from the Grimm Bros studio.

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Dragon Fin Soup

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Video Game

Caption A classic RPG with great visuals
Developer Grimm Bros
Release Fall, 2014
Platforms PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita / PC / Steam / Linux / Mac
Genre RPG / Rogue Style
Modes Single-Player

Dragon Fin Soup is a classic console style RPG developed by indie Studio Grimm Bros. The game is primarily based on tactics and rogue style elements set in a charming yet twisted and dark fairytale inspired world.
The first playable character is Red Robin whose name and attributes were moulded from the fairytale personality "The Little Red Riding Hood". Robin is a perky character who loves alcoholic beverages and makes her living as a mistress of the sword and bounty hunter in an isolated country village.


DFS provides a dynamic gaming experience with both turn-based features and JRPG elements.

Game Modes

DFS features two gaming modes:
  • Classic which focuses on story telling, character evolution and exploration. The scenario begins in a small country village where mysteries of the world of Asura are gradually revealed as the game progresses .
  • Hardcore is designed around terror, endurance and skill. Your character is expected to explore the dangers of Asura doing battle with every creature on a single life in order to achieve the highest possible score.

Game Trailer

About Grimm Bros

A small indie game studio with a staff of five which initiated the development of DFS for just over a year. The team comprises of three programmers, a graphics designer and a freelance composer.


The project was funded 498% by 4044 backers, raising a sum of $119,719 on April 11 2014.


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