Dragon Fin Soup

by Grimm Bros


Official Dragon Fin Soup Wiki is on Gameiki

by Bear in Dragon Fin Soup / News

Gameiki is proud to announce that we have been given the title of the Official Dragon Fin Soup Wiki. We really liked the way Dragon Fin Soup looked. After pursuing the game's development team, we got a hold of Ash and asked for a chance to show them that we actually cared about their game and that we could build them a great wiki. Ash gave us a chance, so we did not want to disappoint. 100 pages of content, and a lot of love later, the Grimm Bros gave us the title of official wiki.

We do not take this lightly. We understand that being given this title is not a permanent thing. If we let them down or stopped helping to build their community, we would fully expect to be sent into exile. We will continue to improve this website, this wiki, and our relationship with Grimm Bros. On the topic of improvement, we have a full website visual redesign coming through the pipeline over the next month. We want to make the site as beautiful as possible while still keeping it as useful as possible. We have been in beta since February and with all of the great feedback we got, we are going to launch this visual update and come out of 'beta'.

What type of changes can you look forward to? We are going to improve user flow. This means that we will be focusing on delivering you the content that you want based on your own choices. Right now you just default to the static front page of Gameiki or a static wiki page that everyone sees. Once the update is complete, you will be able to choose what you see and the content we send you will be what you have chosen to see. We are sure this change will improve the user experience and give users control.

On a final note I want to touch on the goals of Gameiki. You should know that our #1 goal is to provide the best tools to game developers to build their communities. We give game developers a lot of power. Over the next 2 months, with the redesign and a few feature additions, we are going to focus on putting the power and control of the sub sites on Gameiki into the hands of their developers. We will talk more about this soon.

Thanks for trusting us, Grimm Bros, and thanks to all the users who are using Gameiki.


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