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DFS Sneak Peeks Its Newest Addition, Adventuring Sheep image

DFS Sneak Peeks Its Newest Addition, Adventuring Sheep

by wisdomadrid in Dragon Fin Soup / News

We all know what to expect by now when it comes to Dragon Fin Soup - creativity and excitement. Its creators, Grimm Bros, have pretty much kept every fan young and experienced on their toes since its initial announcement on kickstarter. There has been the unveiling of playable characters, enemies, weapons, quests, items and more. If you can name it they have it and if they don't as yet well let's just say you shouldn't put it beyond them.

The revealing of a cute new cuddly character known as the adventuring sheep was announced yesterday via their Twitter Account and Facebook Page. The new addition is playable in both Survival and of course the newly announced Labyrinth mode. If you're not yet up to speed where that is concerned, you don't have to worry. Bear wrote a detailed article on the subject, so we have you covered. 

The adventuring sheep is not your typical playable character as it comes with its own unique limitations. This for some, is classified as "gamers' delight" since it allows them to bid their tactical wits against the challenges that come with Survival and Labyrinth mode. As for other gamers it could be a frustrating time getting use to the limitations but nonetheless still entertaining.

Unlike the traditional playable characters that have been unveiled in Dragon Fin Soup thus far, the adventuring sheep cannot be equipped with weapons and a great deal of armor. These creatures are limited to earrings, rings, arm wrist and body slots, that means attempting any challenge has to be done with caution, tactics, finesse and patience.

It isn't all hooves and horns with minimal upgrades though, the adventuring sheep has the ability to use magic, craft and offer entrepreneurial services, yes, that means it can buy and sell items as well! It certainly is an exception to your standard playable character but as the developers at Grimm Bros so rightly put it, "It is after all an intelligent sheep that wears a scarf."


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